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For anyone who is currently beginning their journey into the world of playing guitar you will almost certainly have heard a lot about blues. The Blues is a genre that does not get a lot of publicity in pop culture these days but it is undeniably the birth of all modern music as we know and love it today. But guitar players have not forgotten their roots and many players will study at least a bit of blues guitar playing in their careers.

Any discussion about the guitar is not complete without the mention of blues guitar. By the same token, no conversation about blues guitar is complete without mention of the “Three Kings”, namely Albert King, Freddie King and B.B . King. These three names are synonymous with greatness both within blues and outside of it in the wider musical community. They pioneered the blues guitar movement and wrote the textbooks that are now considered the gospel to all guitar players.

The blues when thought about in terms of musical theory, should work. But it so clearly does; not only has it stood the test of time, but it is the core foundation of modern guitar playing. When I say it should not work, what I mean is that, at its very core, blues is centred on an interplay between minor and major sounds.

Playing the minor third over a major chord, this is the “blues” sounds. That wailing cry coming from the guitar that embodies pure emotion; often, whether the emotion is pure joy, or devastating pain is unclear – this is the essence of the blues. Pure emotion.

When you pick up a guitar and decide to learn how to play the blues, you learn a lot more than just the notes to play and when to play them. It is, for many players, the first portal into real musical expression. One’s goal is to reach a point where you no longer need to think about where to put your fingers or what you are going to do next. But instead your fingers move, almost independent of you.

You will start to hear sounds inside your head and immediately your fingers will play them. Even if you have never heard that phrase before – much in the same way as you do with language. You are always creating sentences without much constant thought and often they will be ones you have never heard or used before. Building fluency, and it is your goal with all guitar playing. The blues helps you reach that.

These techniques can be learned and expanded upon in this online guitar instruction course. For more information about online blues guitar instruction, go to Let us help you become a great Blues Guitarist!

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